Friday, August 19, 2005

In tears

Kylee Rose 4 months 1 week and 3 days old died yesterday morning in her parents arms. She had gone into hospital on August 4th to have her heart defect (ASD) corrected. her surgery went well but her recovery was slow and she ended up on a bypass machine, when the doctors did a scope to see what was wrong they discovered that she had a congenital defect called Trachea Stenosis. The prognosis was not good, with surgery she had a 20-25% chance of survival but would be in hospital for at least a year and probably on a breathing machine for life. Her parents decided that they couldn't put their little angel through any more and she died in their arms at 10:25am yesterday morning.

I didn't know Melissa, Blain or their kids in real life, only through a message board. I've checked every morning to see how little Kylee was doing and smiled when things seemed to be getting better and wished them happy thoughts when things weren't going so well. I never thought that she wouldn't recover though and now my heart is aching for them. I just want to rush to day care to give Callum & Kieran a hug and kiss and make sure that they're okay.


Anonymous said...

My heart is bleeding for them right now.

I can't even imagine their pain.

I will hug my sweetie a little tighter tonight and thank my lucky stars that I can.

Kylee Rose is in my heart today...

Tara Marie said...

Keeping Kylee Rose's parents in our thoughts and prayers.

When I look to the stars tonight I will search for the brightest, sparkling star and think of this precious little angel.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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