Friday, August 19, 2005


We had our transition meeting at day care yesterday for both of the boys. Kieran will be moving to the toddler class (12-24 months) and Callum will be moving to the 2's class (24-36 months).

We already knew most of the stuff about the toddlers class as that's where Callum currently is, Kieran's already been spending a few hours a day in his new class and the teachers say that he loves it.

The 2's class is new to us though, 2 new teachers and 1 who we already know, new playground and they start to introduce a little bit of curriculum type stuff rather than it all being play. The ratio is 1 teacher to 6 kids (1 to 3 in infants, 1 to 4 in toddlers), the state actually only says 1 teacher to 12 kids - can you imagine looking after 12 2 year olds all by yourself?!?

It's going to be a slow transition for Callum as he's still a beginner walker and the new playground is shared with the older kids (up to 4 years old). So we'll drop him off into the toddler class and he'll go across to his classroom at snack time (9:30) when the big kids go into their classroom. Then at 4pm when the big kids come out for free play he'll move back over to the toddler playground. Hopefully it'll all work out and the transition will go smoothly. I know Callum is ready to move and is showing signs of boredom in his current class.

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