Thursday, August 18, 2005

New words

Callum's word list now includes - bed, girl & cow. We've figured out that "De" (see Elbow post below) means CD! he's also saying something that sounds like thank you - we just need to hear it a few more times to make sure.

Kieran now says - Hi, ball & dad. He's got quite a husky voice, his teachers at day care say it's his flirting with the ladies voice.

Alan (the speech therapist) is very impressed with Callum starting to make "g", "k" and "c" sounds at the begining of words. We're trying to expand Callum's current single word vocabulary to include more 2 word phrases. I read something recently (Thanks Nicola) about someone using reading to help stimulate speaking. We've just ordered the "Teaching Reading to Children with Down syndrome" book and some picture matching cards as I've heard that the first step is to do picture matching.

Take a look at these two articles Reading before Talking: Learning about Mental Abilities from Children with Down's Syndrome and Teaching children with Down syndrome to read


BStrong said...


That’s great news about Callum and Kieran. Pretty soon you won’t be able to keep them quiet.

We ordered DVD's from for our son and Peanut. We have seen tremendous results with James. Amanda tries to mimic the sounds on the video too. The company is owned by a family that has a child with ds and therefore everything is developed ultimately for children with ds. It is also very useful for typical kids with speech delays. Check out the site.


BStrong said...

There's a link to the Love and Learning site on my blog.


Naomi said...

Thanks - we actually have the first couple of kits from love & learning but haven't start using them yet. We've been using the vocabulary DVD's from Baby Bumblebee and I think boths boys have picked up a lot from there.

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