Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Callum Update

Callum, what can I say about my oldest son, who will be 7 in just a few months. 7, still can't get my head around that!
He's going to our local primary school and has a fantastic 1:1 teaching assistant. He's reading and writing and helps out others in his reading group when they don't know a word. He takes part in all the lessons, sometimes at the same level sometimes adjusted but he's there fully included, fully accepted and loved by his friends.
He still loves to dress up, hence the pirate coat over his PJ's in the picture. Loves to be the centre of attention and make people laugh. He went up on stage at the pantomime in Blackpool last month and was a star, no fear, just loving the claps. He was a shepherd in his school Christmas play and I had several parents come up to me and say how well he'd done and again he was loving the applause.
He's also a stubborn little b***** and tries my patience severley at times. He's now too big for me to carry up the stairs so putting him in his room for a time out is getting harder and harder. He will just cross his arms, turns his back on you and that's it. Sometimes distraction will work but usually we just have to wait for him to snap out of it, then we can actually talk to him and know he's listening. He's also pretty typical though, last time I did manage to put him in time out he slammed the door and shouted "it's not fair!". Made me smile.


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