Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Kieran Update

Kieran is now 5, not sure where the times gone. He's loving school, doing great with his reading and is so inquisitive. Last week he asked me what a "tantrum" was, I explained then with a big grin on his face he exclaimed "I do that when you send me to my room!"
What he likes best is playing on the computer - he's already discovered google and will search for his favourite TV programs and games. We've added all the parental controls so hopefully it'll keep him out of mischief for the time being.
This photo is him this morning, chocolate round his face from eating a chocolate pancake, still in his PJ's as it's a snow day and at the computer with his big fake grin.
He's a gorgeous boy who still loves to snuggle, but is getting concious of peer presure so wouldn't admit it to his friends. He got a really cute puppy temporary tattoo on his arm earlier this month, but asked us to remove it before school as he was afraid his friends would think it was girly and laugh at him, sad isn't it.

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