Thursday, March 30, 2006


We took the kids to Disneyland last Sunday and we had so much fun.

I'd asked a few other parents for advice and a couple of people told me about the guest assist pass which is for visitors who need extra assistance. At first I balked at getting one as I didn't think Callum's needs were particularly different than any other 3 year olds needs. I'm always wary because I want Callum to be treated like typical children and it felt a bit like I would be taking advantage.

In the end we decided to get the pass, it only took a couple of minutes and then we had a pass that said it classed Callum's stroller as his wheelchair. I was still a little dubious but decided to just go with it and see what happened.

This was our first time and Disneyland and I had no idea that the lines (even for the little kid rides) could get so long, and you can not take strollers into the line! Callum can walk but he gets tired quite easily and he would not have been able to stand still in a line for 15+ minutes - he has a tendency to wander and does not really get the concept of waiting. So once I realised how everything was laid out we decided that we'd make full use of the pass as without it we would not have had a particularly enjoyable time. We still waited for rides but Callum could wait in his stroller and we waited a maximum of 10 minutes.

The best bit for Callum was meeting Minnie Mouse. he'd never even heard of the character before we went to Disney but by the end of the visit was besotted. The cast member at Minnie's house caught sight of the guest assist pass and asked Callum if he wanted to say hello to Minnie, Callum immediately said yes and got a big grin on his face. We were taken into Minnie's house (Minnie was doing quick meet and greets with a photo opportunity outside her front door) and Callum got a little private audience. Minnie came and sat next to him on her sofa and he just threw his arms around her and gave her a huge hug. They interacted a little, then photo time and another huge hug. Callum couldn't stop talking about Ninnie for the rest of the day and when he saw her in the parade he blew her a big kiss.

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Meeting Minnie Mouse


Riding Dumbo