Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Confirmed Diagnosis

We had Callum's follow up with the hematologist today and it's confirmed that Callum does have Autoimmune neutropenia. The good news is that he should just grow out of it in the next couple of years. He will need blood work every 6 months just to keep an eye on it but we don't need to go back to the hematologist unless there's a problem. We do have to keep an eye out for fevers and get blood work done as soon as his temperature goes above 101.5. If he has a fever and his ANC is 500 or less then he'll need to be admitted to the hospital for antibiotics, his last ANC was 1100 and is slowly going up so hopefully he'll grow out of it soon and wont have any problems.

On a sad note today is my mum's last day with us here in California, she's off back to England tomorrow. We've really enjoyed having her staying with us and the boys are going to miss her tremendously. She's been a great help over the last couple of months and we're looking forward to her next visit.


Lori said...

Naomi, it's good to have a confirmed diagnosis at least, isn't it? The continuing blood work is a bummer, but what wonderful news that it's only for a relatively short time. We will keep Callum in our prayers.

Sorry about your mum leaving! It's always hard to see our loved ones go. (I will admit that some relatives can be a bit annoying, & so it's not so sad when they go.) Have you taken the children to England yet? Not that traveling w. 2 little ones would be easy!

Naomi said...

lori - we're planning on taking the kids back to England next year. The thought of flying 11 hours with a 4 year old and an almost 3 year old is putting me off a little, but I think it'll be time for a vist.

Anonymous said...

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