Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Celiac again

Mark decided to get tested for celiac disease as he does have a few symptoms which could be attributed to celiac, plus the fact that he has psoriasis means that he's more susceptible to other auto immune disorders. He had the test on Monday and the results take about a week, it's a loooong week. Mark is an eternal pessimist so he's convinced that he's got it. Every time we go out to eat he's all doom and gloom because he doesn't think he'll be able to eat that particular dish again (he finished lunch on Monday with "I'll never be able to eat Carbonara again!"), the free time he has is spent looking at celiac sites and getting even more depressed over the restrictions that would be placed on his diet. He's already planning one last beer blow out as beer is made with malt which comes from barley which is a no no if you have celiac. I know he's really stressing about it so please send lots of "send the test results quickly" vibes to the lab technicians. At least once we know we can actually do something about it.


Emily said...

Good luck Mark! I have survived without beer for two months now so it can be done. But best not to have to!

TEC said...

Bards Tale makes a gluten free a;e that is available in some locations. Also, Whole Paycheck errr Foods sells another GF beer. I just can't remember the name of it. Bi-Aglut pasta made in Italy will make absolutely delicious carbonara.

Naomi said...

tec - Thanks for the info about the beer, will definitley pass the info on, maybe it will result in a smile.

Emily - if you think 2 months without beer is bad, wait 'till you do 9 months of it while pregnant! I've had 3 Christmas/Birthdays in a row with no alchol - 2 years pregnant and 1 year breastfeeding.

BStrong said...

Good luck Mark. Don't stress over something that may not be a certainty. That gluten free beer might be your savior if things don't go your way.

I say throw a party for all your buddies and get a couple of kegs, get plastered and wake up with a hangover. Trust me, you'll never want to drink another beer again.

Good Luck,

Orendon said...

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