Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Blankie Baby

Kieran has become a "blankie baby", it's been developing for a while but now he's definitely addicted. The blankie in question is a soft fleecy baby blanket that Kieran likes to squish his face into and snuggle up to when sleeping. It used to only live in his crib but now he likes to reach through the bars and pull it out whenever he gets a chance. Last night when he cried in the night it was because he couldn't find his blankie (usually it's because he's lost his pacifier but that was still firmly ensconced). I wonder how long it'll be before he wants to take it to school with him? I think I must have passed on the comfort object gene, my mum has a well travelled feather pillow that she has to have in order to go to sleep. My brother, Richard, had odd pieces of cotton and my thing was nylon, I'm sure there are pictures of me with thumb firmly stuck in my mouth carrying around a pair of nylon knickers!


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