Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Life the Universe and Everything

I got an email from my brother Richard yesterday. He said he was sad that he was missing out on seeing his nephews grow up (he lives in Wales) and that he thought that he'd connect with them better if I wrote more about me. The only trouble is that I don't know what to say about me.

I haven't read any good books recently, when I do get a chance to read a few pages it's usually something that I've read a few times before as I know I can just read a couple of chapters and then not pick the book up again for months. I think I've been to see a couple of movies this year, but can't for the life of me remember what I last saw. Last trip to the theatre was definitely pre kids. I do read the news online but most of it goes in one ear and out the other. I don't paint pictures, write poetry, sing or play a musical instrument. I can't remember the last time I had a deep and meaningful conversation about anything.

I'm a very insular person, always have been. I envy women who have a group of girly friends that they can tell anything to. I don't think I work enough at friendships - I don't want to share my secrets so why should anyone tell me theirs.

My kids though, that's something I had a hand in making, they're my art and my poetry and my music. The love they give is so unconditional, when they wrap their arms around you just before bed and snuggle their face into your neck - that's what my life is all about.


BStrong said...

I find it difficult to talk about myself too. I'm just not a very interesting person.

I guess you can start by saying that you don't get ice cream headaches and hangovers:) Some may view you as the perfect woman.


Tara Marie said...

You take amazing photographs......you are an intuitive mother, and you reach out to others in cyberspace and make them feel great by commenting in their blogs! :0)

I don't know you Naomi, but I do know a very amazing part of you that you share on your blog....the unconditional love of a mother and I know that you love and adore your sons.

Oh, and I know your not an American by birth!

By-the-way, tell Kieran we are so proud of him with his two new milestones.....but I know that means Mommy is a lot more 'busy' these days following your poetry in motion!

Peace, Tara Marie & Emma Sage

Naomi said...

TM - "Poetry in motion" I like that! Thanks for your comments :-)

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