Wednesday, September 14, 2005

50 things about me

1) I'm a Geordie (born in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in England)
2) I have 1 sister, 1 brother, 3 half brothers & 2 step sisters
3) I have 2 kids
4) I've had 2 serious relationships, both with people called Mark
5) I was 17 when I had my first kiss
6) I wanted to be an accountant when I was at school (very boring I know)
7) I lived in the Orkney Islands for a short while when I was little
8) I spent a year in Georgia as an exchange student during college
9) I once auditioned for a part in a musical, even though I can't sing (I didn't get the part)
10) I once stole a packet of hair grips from a shop while visiting my granddad
11) I also stole a haircut (well I walked out without paying as there was nobody at the reception desk)
12) I've never been arrested
13) I've never had a car accident
14) I have 2 cats - even though I'm allergic to them
15) I pretended I couldn't swim at school because I only liked the teacher who taught the beginners
16) I've taken classes in synchronized swimming
17) I can(could) swim a mile and have the badge to prove it!
18) I don't get hangovers
19) I don't get ice cream headaches
20) I used to talk with a lisp
21) I gave up playing the cello because my teacher asked me to play in a recital and I was shy
22) I'm an optimist
23) I smile too much
24) I'm an atheist
25) I like to fly
26) I have a fear of falling
27) I've never tried smoking
28) I've never taken drugs
29) I don't like not being in control
30) I'm an introvert
31) I don't like to clean, but I do like things tidy
32) I like the sound of water
33) I have a degree in computer science
34) I don't wear makeup
35) I have a poor long term memory
36) I don't like talking on the phone
37) I don't know what to say when people ask me where in England I'm from. We moved around so much as kids that I don't really count anywhere as home
38) I hate shoe shopping and wear shoes until they quite literally fall apart
39) I procrastinate
40) I love chocolate
41) I watch American Idol
42) I've been to a strip club
43) I could lie in bed all day if given the chance
44) I've had long hair nearly my entire life
45) I once cut my hair short as I was being teased at school, a group of girls kept calling me hippy. Once I had it cut they just changed it to mini-hippy *sigh*
46) I've had 2 physical fights in my life, once when I was 10 (I bashed a boys head into a fence because he was bulling my brother) and once when I was 12 (I hit a younger boy because he incessently followed me and my friends making stupid remarks)
47) I kept a Madonna scrapbook when I was a teenager
48) I've been to Uluru (Ayers Rock), but didn't climb it
49) I'm afraid of Sharks (after seeing Jaws when I was about 11 my sister would start doing the theme tune and I'd be afraid to get out of bed)
50) I can't kill spiders, I have to catch them and put them outside


Belovedlife said...

What a great post! As I am reading, I am thinking how well you know yourself, and how much I don't know about myself. What I do know is I could tell you about me butit'd be a blog in a comment. But let me just say that you sound like such a great person, who has so much to offer, not just to friends, but to you kids as well.
Don't get too hung up on not reading anything or seeing the newest movies, we as moms don't get to be caught up to speed on any of these issues until our kids are teenagers ( or so I am told by my friends who are older, and my mom). I'm going to have to think about 50 things about me too...a goo introspective topic!

Em said...

Very interesting to see these 50 things summarised, and also to see what we have in common! Namely a poor long term memory, wearing shoes till they fall apart and procrastinating... Oh, and that other thing.

Em said...

And Madonna too! I loved Madonna as a teenager, in fact my mother made a Madonna cake for my 21st birthday.

Tara Marie said...

I loved this Naomi,,,,I feel like I really know you,,,,and you are a delight!

We have a bunch of things in common. I have mostly/always had long hair, I was deathly afraid of sharks after seeing Jaws [so much so that I wouldn't even sit on a toilet because it had water in it!] and I too am allergic to cats and we have three! [they are outside cats, excpet for Emma Sage's Gracie]

I loved reading this and adore the picture of you and the boys posted above it!

My sister-in-law is from England [Latham] and my Mum's brother and family also [but I don' know exactly where].

Peace and love, Tara Marie

Kim Ayres said...

Great list - enough similarities to get me interested, enough differences to keep me interested!

BStrong said...

Holy cow! I can't believe you did this. You're truly a fascinating person. Don't be afraid of sharks, they really don't like the way we taste and when they attack it's usually mistaken identity. I love sharks. My dream is to go to Australia and swim with the Great White. My wife on the other hand would like me to get more life insurance.

Naomi said...

I was suprised at how hard it wa to come up with a list, but it was also kind of theraputic.

TM - I can totally understand the not sitting on the toilet thing! Completely irrational but it makes sense at the time.

Em - How funny that you liked Madonna to. My mum still buys me Madonna stuff every now and again.

B - I've been snorkeling on the great barrier reef but got a little freaked when I saw reef sharks. I'm with your wife - definitely more life insurance.

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