Thursday, August 04, 2005


I've been on a training course for the last few days so no time to write. I think it's been about 4 years since I last did any training, it feels good to use my brain again and think about something new. It's prompted me to apply for a managers position that's recently become available at work. Don't know if I'll get it but at least it'll give me a push to start looking at new things.

My FMLA (family medical leave act) hours ran out last week. I was using them to work a reduced work week of 35 hours so that I had time to take Callum to therapy. Luckily Mark still has loads of hours left so he's going to be responsible for all therary for the next 2 or 3 months. I'm going to miss seeing the new stuff at first hand and hearing the therapists recommendations for myself. It's also good to take a break though and get Mark more involved again.

Alan (speech therapist) attended a Down syndrome conference last week, he was reporting back to us about some of the new stuff he learnt and said what a success story he thinks Callum is, It's nice to hear that from a professional. I've been getting frustrated with Callum recently and I'm never sure how much leeway I should give him, I was mentioning this to Alan and he said that "Callum lives in a world of actions, sensations and sounds and we live in a world of language and thought, he can't cross to our word right now so we have to cross to his". It just gave me a little reminder that not only does Callum have DS but he's also 2 and 2 year olds sole purpose in life is to do whatever mummy said not to do!! (okay not quite true but feels that way sometimes)

Walking is another frustration for me at the moment, I know full well that Callum can do it but he's in one of those moods that he always gets in when he learns a new skill. He loves it when it's new, then he refuses to have anything to do with it for a while, and then he starts to use the skill again. Well he's in the "refuse to do it" phase at the moment. I know there's an end it site but it's just out of reach and keeps dancing away from me.

We're amazed at how quickly Kieran has gone from not being mobile at all to being a pro crawler, pulling up to a high kneel, standing against the coffee table, etc. It makes me glad that Callum was our first as we didn't really have any expectations as to when and how Callum should progress. Three more weeks 'till his 1st birthday and I have no idea where the time went.

I've also found another blog that I'm going to be adding to my list


BStrong said...

Sounds like Callum is doing a great job, just a little stubborn. I sometimes think that our Little Peanut has a longer work week than me because of all her therapies. We are getting a little frustrated because Little Peanut is 16 months now and still not crawling. If she holds on to our hands she'll walk a little, she can stand if she leans up against something but nothing else. I realize it's only a matter of time, but it's still frustrating.
Happy B-day to Kieran.

Tara Marie said...


I'm so excited that I found your blog....I've been looking at your pictures on and fell in love with your Callum.

My youngest daughter, Emma Sage is also blessed with an extra chromosome on her 21st pair.....I followed your link from Emily's site, Wonderbebe!

I am adding your blog to my list of blogs.

Peace, Tara Marie & Emma Sage 4 and clan

Naomi said...

Thanks Tara! I've added you to my blog list as well. Emma Sage is beautiful.

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