Saturday, August 06, 2005

Strep throat

We got up as usual this morning, Callum had his big cup of milk and threw his cheerios (dry that goodness) all over the bedroom floor - as usual - or some reasons he seems to think they taste better when eaten from the floor! Kieran had his bottle, they played, we got ready for work then off to day care we go.

About 2 hours later I get a call from day care to say that Kieran has projectile vomited everywhere and that I need to come and pick him up, so I call the doctors office to make him an appointment and then off I go. When I get to day care he's sitting in the lobby getting lots of love from Cindy (one of the administrators) and looking fine. We get home and as soon I we walk through the door he starts to retch and then throws up all over me. So we both change clothes, Kieran has a little play and then goes for a little nap. I wake him up for his appointment, pick him up out of bed and guess what, yep he throws up all over the pair of us again. So change of clothes again and we just make it to the doctors in time. 10 minutes and $95 later we know that he has strep throat. I had no idea that one of the symptoms was vomiting and was expecting to be told that he had stomach flu.

We get home (via the pharmacy for antibiotics & pedialite), Kieran goes for another nap and I start thinking about Callum. Callum's been a little "off" for the last few days, and we didn't know why. Turns out he has strep as well, luckily he hasn't got the throwing up symptom. So another $95 and another trip to the pharmacy. I wish Callum showed more signs of being sick, it makes me feel so guilty when I take him to the doctors and they say he's pretty sick when to me he's been more or less his usual self.

Poor babies, hopefully the antibitoics will kick in tomorrow and they'll start to feel better (we had one more change of clothes before bed time, yuck!).

So that's my exciting day, how was yours?


Tara Marie said...

Feel better Callum and Kieran.....

My little girl also does not complain when she is ill so it makes it hard to really know how sick she truly is. Now that she is verbal she will tell me 'Mommy, I'm sick' but before it was a guessing game too.....know that you can only do the best you can do and that you love your little guys dearly.

Belovedlife said...

If it is any consolation, I used to take my daughter (my oldest) into the md for an ear ache, and they would make me feel absolutely terrible, because her ear would be so infected it "was ready to burst". After this happened multiple times, we got tubes put in. To this day, the only clue we have that she is not feeling well, is that she is more whiny, and cries a litle easier then usual. Never a dull moment in the relm of mommyhood.
Hope the boys feel better!

Naomi said...

Thank you both.

They're both feeling much better today.

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