Saturday, August 27, 2005

Happy Birthday Kieran

Kieran is now 1, happy birthday little one. His birthday was actually on Thursday but as weekdays are usually really hectic we decided we'd delay the celebrations until today. I'll update with pictures of him eating his cake tomorrow. he had his 1 year checkup yesterday and he's now 30" long, a little over 24lbs and has a gigantic (93rd percentile) 48.5cm head. He made a little whimper when he had his shots but was soon back to waving bye bye and blowing kisses to the nurses. The hard things is going to be switching him from his nice warm bottles of formula to his cold sippy or straw cups of milk as he's not particulary fond of cold things.

His transition to the toddler room is going great, he spent all day there on Friday and most of the day on Thursday. He's napping for about 3 hours so all the new stuff to see and do must be tiring him out. It seems so strange seeing him in Callum's class, he's my baby :-)


Tara Marie said...

Happy First Birthday Sir Kieran!

I can't wait to see the pictures of him eating his cake!

Belovedlife said...

happy birthday! Here's to many many more happy, healthy, fun, busy, birthdays yet to come! Yaay for the percentiles! that's great, youve really got a growing boy on your hands! Feed him well, as i'm sure you already are!

Patrick said...

Congrats - I guess my Lauren shares a birthday (but she just turned two). Funny, a woman at work has a child with the same birthday also (but a three year old) -- small world!