Thursday, January 07, 2010

Another Snow Day

We had another snow day today, the novelty is definitely wearing off, at least for me!

Told Kieran that tomorrow (Thursday) will also be a snow day and he says "yesssss" with a big grin, where as Callum wants to go to school, strange boy.  I have a feeling that they wont be back at school till Monday, then they're predicting more snow for next week, aaarggh.

I had so many plans for getting into a good routine of work, gym, house stuff, got off to a great start on Monday and now it's all gone to pot.  Hopefully I'll get back to it one day.

Just ordered Wii Fit Plus, you know the thing that tipped me into actually ordering it... there's a bit on it which lets you track your pets weight!  Both our cats are on a diet and it would be nice to know if it's actually having an effect without carting them down to the vets.  Plus it was only £15 with free delivery and it's supposed to have some cool new features.


Tamara said...

Great to see you online. My blogging has been sporadic at best lately. I just got a wii fit too. I'm sore. And it snowed in Texas yesterday Crazy!

Shea said...

Havent seen you online in forever. HI!