Friday, April 25, 2008

Busy, Busy

I've been busy destroying my house (well the sitting room anyway). When we moved in it had lovely pink vinyl wallpaper, a very tasteful 1970's brick fireplace/display thing and a patio door that doesn't open and that has been expertly fitted (hopefully you've been reading this in a very sarcastic voice!). So it was time for it to be completley stripped down and made into a room that we'll actually use as an adult sitting room & dining room (has been the kids playroom).

The wallpaper is now gone

The carpet is gone, including the spiky stuff the goes around the room to hold it down and the million and one staples that they used to hold the underlay in place.

The brick monstrosity is gone

and the patio door will be replaced on Monday

We had a gorgeous new fireplace installed this week and I've got undercoat on most of the walls.

We're going to sand and varnish the floor boards, paint one wall a bluey green and the rest a neutral off white/cream with white woodwork.

I wish I'd taken some before photos but here's some work in progress.

New Fireplace

Old Patio door

Floor repairs

Choosing Paint


Mima said...

Wow you have been working hard, looks as if it is going to be gorgeous, especially love that green - are the boys upset to be loosing their playroom!!

Kim Ayres said...

But 70's stuff is, like, sooo retro...


Little Miss E said...

Home repair is SO much fun!! (Add my sarcasm to your own!) At least it feels good when it's done!

Tara Marie said...

I am excited to see the after pictures....I just love that window in that room and the fireplace is very pretty.....I can't wait to see what you have done. and I agree with Kim...70s is so retro! lol!! unless you have to live with it.

Thinking of you and the boys.

Down's Heart Group said...

Update on the progress of the room please. What do the boys think about losing their playroom?

How's the toilet training going? He'll get it soon I'm sure.

By the way do you wnat to add us to your DS links please?

Penny Green
Down's Heart Group