Friday, April 04, 2008


Okay, I know I've blogged about potty training several times lately, but when it consumes your life for 2 solid weeks there isn't much else to blog about!

Guess how many wet pairs of pants we've had today.....NONE!

Ok we've got another 2 hours to go before bedtime but usually I'm onto my 2nd lot of washing by now and Callum has been through every pair of trousers that he ones.

The best thing was that this morning Callum woke up dry and after being up for about half an hour TOLD me that he needed a wee before he actually started it, woo hoo! He got huge claps for that. The rest of the day I've taken him at regular intervals and after a little bit of persuasion he's gone in the toilet.

We also went and got the boys hair cut today, it was long overdue. Here's the result...

Kieran didn't want me to take his picture


Mima said...

Naomi, that is fantastic news, you must be over the moon. It has been a huge effort, but worth it! Not surprised at all that you are blogging about it, two reasons: firstly it has been consuming all your time for the last two weeks; and secondly, we all want to know what is happening!

Alyssa said...

good job on the potty training!! I can't wait till we get there! :)

Lori said...

Hi Naomi! I'm so glad it's going well. I remember thinking that Evan would never get potty trained! Callum looks so happy. I'm sure if we saw a pic of you, you'd be smiling also!

Tara Marie said...

Love those hair cuts....too cute!

I've missed you guys!

Penny Green said...

Well done to Callum on the potty training, it's a real achievement for him.

Whilst I'm here I wondered if you'd consider adding a link to our website Down's Heart Group which provides support and information relating to the heart conditions associated with Down's Syndrome.