Monday, October 29, 2007

Tinkle, Tinkle

We've begun potty training Callum, again!

It has been attempted many times before but Callum has never gotten the concept, he showed no interest in the toilet or potty (even though he knows what they're for). He doesn't care if his wet, cold trousers are clinging to his legs or his nappy is round his ankles. He quite happily clapped and cheered when Kieran was potty training, has watched Mark & I on the toilet, has put his doll on the potty, has had a wee in the bath and told us that he's doing it - so knows where the wee comes from but just wasn't ready.

Well we had a visit from the continence nurse on the 19th who gave me a couple more ideas and as it was the half term holiday we decided to give it a go. The continence nurse wanted us to put him on the potty 3 times a day for 2 or 3 minutes, give him something to blow while on the toilet (like a balloon or bubbles) as it activates the same muscles that you need for going to the toilet, and to give lots of praise and resort to bribery if necessary.

So armed with our tools and the Tinkle Toonz potty we set to work....

Saturday - Wednesday
We did just what the nurse told us, Callum happily sat on the potty - no bribery needed, blew his bubbles, slobbered all over a balloon and got lots of claps but nothing in the potty.

As he'd been so great at sitting on the potty and we didn't have any appointments I just decided to turn the heating up and take his nappy and trousers off and see what happens. Success!! it happened, a little bit of wee on the floor, a quick rush to sit on the potty and then the tinkle tinkle of the potty merrily letting the whole world know that my big boy had managed to wee in the potty. Loud cheers errupted, we showed it to daddy, we phoned up nanny to announce this momentous occassion and Callum had the biggest grin on his face that I've seen in a long time. The rest of the day was about 50/50 with accidents and getting to the potty.

Friday - Saturday
Continued much like Thursday, but as soon as we put any kind of clothes on him he went back to not caring in the slightest and not telling us that he was wet or that he needed the potty. He also got a bad tummy, so I spent rather a lot of the time scrubbing the carpet.

Another breakthrough, after a day of cleaning up pooh and wee from various parts of the house, I felt defeated and put a nappy on his for a couple of hours. Then before bed I asked him to sit on the potty again and try and do a wee to make the music, he's NEVER EVER done a wee on demand, but this time YEAH he did it - not a huge amount but he did it!!! This is huge this means that we should be able to get him on a timed schedule and keep him dry during the day, we just need to work out the interval and take him regulary to the toilet. We'll still have the pooh to deal with as he doesn't have a set time but this is a major major breakthough.

Again this morning I sat him on the potty and asked him to wee and he did. I was going to take him again as soon as he got to school (he had speech therapy this morning) but about 5 minutes from school he suddenly said wee wee, so there was nothing left when we did arrive at school. That was about 90 minutes after his last wee so I think we'll try every hour and see what happens.

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