Wednesday, August 09, 2006

All Change

Yesterday, I gave a months notice to Callum and Kieran's day care. They've both been at the school since they were 3 months old. We know the teachers, the classrooms, the routine and all the kids. But in 1 months time it will all change.

Callum will be starting a public pre-school program at one of our local elementary schools. He'll be in a mixed ability class, for 4 hours each day. We haven't seen his classroom or met the teacher, have no idea who his classmates will be. He'll be getting on a bus at 12:30 each day to go home to a nanny who we still haven't hired.

Kieran will be going to the day care at our work. We've visited a couple of times over the years (Callum had his name down when I was just a few months pregnant) but we never managed to get a placement, so we swapped Callum's name for Kieran's on the waiting list a few months ago and yesterday they confirmed that he has a place.

They've both enjoyed their current school. The director is, how shall I put this, "Interesting" or maybe "a character". She rubs a lot of people up the wrong way and sometimes has some bizarre ideas, but for the most part she's been very supportive of Callum.

It's going to be very odd, not going there twice a day.

On a side note...

Callum has ASKED to be taken to the potty at school (and actually gone) for the last couple of days. We've half heartedly tried potty training a few times but Callum really wasn't interested. The fact that he's recognising that his bladder is full and letting a teacher know before he goes is just amazing. I thought we'd have to get him on a schedule for quite some time before he would initiate it himself. SO we're listening out for him asking for the potty, but not pushing it, maybe the end of diapers is in sight.


Lori F said...

Changes in child care are always a bit scary! That's great about Callum asking to go to the bathroom. When Evan was going (very slowly)through that process I was frustrated until his O.T. told us that because of the low muscle tone it was difficult for Evan to tell when his bladder was full. It is a wonderful day when diapers are gone though!!!

Karen said...

Everything I read lately points to the fact that we are creating change in our lives at all times, but most especially right now. Transitions are never easy for anyone, but can be particularly difficult for children. Blessings on the results of all these changes for all of you, which I suspect will turn out beautifully in the end.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am sure there will be a bit of adjustment in transitioning to the new placement. Yet, as wonderful as both your boys are, I don't think it will take long.

Children as such resilient creatures, they bend and flex in ways we no longer can. With this in mind, I am hopeful the transition won't be too bad.

I am so excited for you about the potty training, how wonderful it would be to only have one in your house in diapers. I can't wait for Miss E to reach this stage.

Michelle said...

You do have a lot of change ahead of you!

That's great about Callum asking to go to the potty! He's making strides on his way to getting rid of the diaper :)

Jenny H said...

I hope everything goes smoothly with all the upcoming changes.
Great job Callum for asking to use the potty! How exciting. Max will ask sometimes but usually when we at a resturant or public place. I think he is bored and just wants to do something different! That is a great start for Callum.

The Imperfect Christian said...

I hope everyone does well with their adjustments and YEAH for potty training accomplishments!!

zannetastic said...

Naomi, that's great news about the potty...see, our kids are smarter than we know (and they don;t follow the rules of those outdated textbooks...)
I'll e-mail you and we'll get the boys together.