Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I think this train driver
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We took the boys on a mad dash to Griffith Park on Sunday afternoon. Traffic was bad and we almost didn't make it in time, but after finding a lucky parking spot and doing a sprint to the ticket counter we managed to get on the little train that does a 1 mile round trip in Griffith Park.

Callum's face was a wonder to behold as he realised that we were going through a tunnel, I'll make sure to have my camera at the ready next time. Kieran was more somber, just taking in the new experience.

Callum has twice come up to me and started a conversation about trains, he says "mama choo-choo" and does the sign for train. This is unusual because usually all conversations are initiated by us or are about things he can see in his immediate vicinity.

On the subject of speech, Callum has started to say goodbye to everything! So this morning it was:

"Bye, 'errio" (cheerios)
"Bye TT" (TV)
"Bye Milk"
"Bye lulu" (Blue's Clue's - The TV program they were watching)

When I pick him up from day care he has to go round saying bye to all his friends and teachers, it takes a while but it's very cute ;-)


Michelle said...

Sounds like a fun train ride!

Kayla says "hi/bye" to everything as well...even her poopoo and peepee when she goes in the potty!! LOL Yep every inanimate object gets a greeting from her!

zannetastic said...

That's so great that he is using more words! I noticed that when Owen was more interested in something, he would use words more, and since he watches The Wiggles all the time, he picks up a lot of phrases from their shows: big red car, wake up Jeff, and swimming in the water. Of course, I feel guilty for putting him in front of the TV, but if it gets him to talk, I'll do it...
We haven't been to Travel Town yet, even though we live close by, the Long Beach Aquarium is a bigger hit with Owen.
Take care.

Naomi said...

Suzanne - Thanks for the reminder about the aquarium, we took a trip down there last weekend.

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