Friday, June 16, 2006

Steroids - day 2

The nurse was right on time yesterday and I was hooked up to bag #2 by 5:15. She also taught me how to flush the line and how to hook the meds up myself (although she's still planning on coming everyday). 90 minutes later she came back and there's still a fair amount of meds left, it finally finishes after 2 hours! It's hurting a little, so she checks the line and my vein isn't particulary happy so I get to pull it out (yippee). They'll put in a new line tonight which will hopefully stay in for the final 3 days.

No noticable increase in vision yet, but I wasn't expecting it to resolve that quickly.

I've been sleeping great the last couple of nights, which is odd considering that one of the most common side effects is insomnia. As I came into work today I noticed that my cheeks feel really hot, so I'm wondering if I have a fever - if it hasn't gone away by lunchtime then I may just go home (the meds suppress your immune system).

I'll keep you posted.


Michelle said...

I can't imagine all you're going through with the steroids/IVs right now! I hope you didn't end up getting a fever/sick...praying the last few days of this go quickly for you!

Kim Ayres said...

Well, I don't pray, but my thoughts are with you

Anonymous said...

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