Monday, March 06, 2006

Bits & Pieces

Kieran has learnt how to give kisses and hugs. He's always been a snuggly baby but now he'll purposefully wrap his arms around your neck and goes "aaahhhh" which is what I say when I'm giving him big cuddles. He gave his first ever proper kiss to Callum and then followed it up with one each for me and Mark. I love this age :-)

Callum is still Shrek obsessed but now we're turning it to our advantage. Callum struggling while we're trying to get him in his car seat is stopped immediately by saying that Princess Fiona sits in her car seat. Callum doesn't want to brush his teeth - well that all changes when we tell him that Shrek likes to brush his teeth. Thank goodness for Shrek & Fiona !

My mum is still shadowing Callum at school so she brings home lots of little stories which is great. One little boy who is very quiet and shy has recently started playing with Callum a lot and according to his mum talks about Callum at home. She was most surprised when last week he said he "wanted Callum's head", we think this means that he wanted to be like Callum - very happy and smiley and full of fun.

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