Thursday, February 23, 2006

Our TV Star

The TV show that Callum taped back in November was finally aired this week. We were so excited to see our little star. He was in two episodes the first was about the 2-3 year old age and the activity he did was Texture Boxes (basically take a cardboard box, make it look pretty, cut a hand sized hole in it and put 2 or 3 things inside for the kids to feel). Callum had so much fun and they had some great shots of him putting some bright pink kids sunglasses on and wearing a rubber glove. The other episode was to do with science and the activity was playing with water (see photo). Callum was on camera for more of this episode as it was only him and one other child. Callum again had lots of fun and was very intent on what he was doing. He did try and drink the water several times (LOL) but was quickly stopped by one of the presenters.

I do have the episodes recorded on my computer so I'll try and come up with some little clips to post so that you can all take a look.

Callum was a complete natural on both the shows, wasn't bothered by the cameras, new people or the other kids. He got engrossed in both activities and picked up what he was supposed to be doing really quickly.

Hematology appointment is tomorrow, wish us luck!