Monday, January 09, 2006

Kieran is walking!

Kieran finally got his confidence, he's been walking holding one finger for a couple of months and would cruise the furniture with no problems but he just wouldn't let go.

Last week he'd take one step then fall down, Friday at day care he took 3 steps (his teacher was cheering so loud that the teacher from the class next door came in to investigate) and yesterday he took 6 or 7 steps quite a few times and even started to let go without coaxing.

My baby is growing up, I'll have to get some video of him crawling before he stops doing it all together.

Other good news
* we finally got our new dishwasher
* Callum is saying Milk (rather than bubu which is his generic word for drink)
* Callum is combining signs and words on a more regular basis and with little prompting. Things like "more please", "cracker please" or even "more cracker please"
* Callum's wake up time is now 6:30am, that's a whole hour and a half of extra sleep!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news Callum and Kiernan. Now they can really chase one another around!!!

Kim Ayres said...

How fantastic is that! Brilliant news!

Christy said...

Congratulations, Kieran!! What wonderful news - though things should be more interesting for Mommy now!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Way to go! We have steps being taken here as well! My goal was by her second year, but she's going to surprise me, as usual! We're up to three steps (although she did take as many as five a few days ago!)

Yeah for walkers!!

Naomi said...

Thanks everyone. I'm astounded by how quickly he's taken to it, it's been 2 weeks since he took his first 3 steps and now he chooses walking over crawling. Him adn Callum keep walking into each other though - Callum says "Ow" adn Kieran says "Uh Oh", it's so funny.

Anonymous said...

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