Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year

Phew, glad to get back to work and have a rest! I love spending time with my boys but when it chucks it down with rain for the 3 day in a row and we're cooped up watching Lion King for the 50 millionth time it gets a little wearing.

Seriously we did have a good week off. I love to watch the boys interact and Kieran is getting to be such a funny little boy. Here's a 5 minute slice of life Kieran style

Cruising along the sofa - spies something he wants "up, up, up, up" with hands held aloft and a beseeching look on his face. Up he gets and then climbs and falls over whomever has helped him up. "down, down, down" as he gets down, then "up, up, up" as he realises that he still wants whatever is on the sofa.

Repeat about 5 times

Then crawl (crawling is the new in thing, walking is so 2005!) to where he can see the playdoh "doh, doh, doh" - hand sheld aloft and beseeching look. One of us grabs the playdoh. "Sit dow, sit dow" says Kieran as he tries to get into his little Ikea chair. Playdoh goes flying all over the floor, "all done, all done", Kieran gets down and we try and clean up. "Sit dow, sit dow, sit dow" says Kieran and playdoh goes everywhere again.

Repeat about 5 times

Catches sight of the TV - "mo, mo" (Elmo), then signs for Wiggles (Callum's made up sign that he's taught Kieran). Are you hungry Kieran? we ask, huge over emphasised nods of the head and big grin - no mistaking that answer. "Nana, Nana" - 30 seconds later the banana is gone, Kieran literally inhales platefuls of food at the moment and has been known to eat his dinner, polish off Callum's and still ask for more.

Back to the sofa "up, up, up"....