Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Need some food help

I'm rapidly running out of ideas on what to feed my kids. I have to make lunch (for them to take to day care) and dinner and they're both getting picky. Lunch has be be easily reheatable in a microwave and dinner needs to be cooked in 15 minutes or less as we don't get home 'till nearly 6pm and the kids are usually starving.

Callum used to be a great eater, but now spits out most stuff unless it looks like a chicken nugget! and Kieran only seems to want to eat pasta.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


Kim Ayres said...

Home made thick vegetable soup is a great standby. It can be made in advance, put into portion-size bags in the freezer and then reheated as needed.

Tofu is a great one.

And my wife swears by avocado, as it's rich in calories and vitamins and also easily digestable. Our kids were practically weened on the stuff.

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