Friday, September 09, 2005

The little stuff

Haven't written for a few days, lots going on but not sure where to start so how about some of the littler things.

Me - I can do my belt up another notch! I'm sloooowly losing the weight and it's nice to have a physical reminder that it's going.

Mark - His blood pressure is down to around 116/76! This is the lowest it's been for a long time. He's tried coming off his blood pressure meds before but always needs to go back on them after a couple of months. He's now on the lowest dose so maybe he will get to a point of being medication free.

Callum - He's now in the 2's class and just loves it. The teachers have been very positive. His walking is going great and people quite often stop and smile and just watch him when we're out walking in the neighbourhood. He's also starting to recognise shapes and will say "Star".

Kieran - Settled straight into the toddler class with no problems what so ever. Got his 2 top front teeth and is has been "formula free" (although not quite bottle free)for a few days now. He's starting to cruise and is trying to say lots more words.