Sunday, August 14, 2005


We went to our favourite playground yesterday and we've gotten into the habit of taking Callum's walking toy with us so he can go where he wants to go. Yesterday we decided that as he's been doing so well with his walking we'd just let him get around under his own steam. He loved it and did absolutley wonderfully. he walked on sand, concrete, grass, the springy stuff they put around the play structures and none of it seemed to bother him. The only times he dropped back to a crawl were when chasing pigeons under the play structure and going up a grassy hill near the end when he was tired. I was so proud of him and got all teary eyed watching him strutting his stuff. I estimate that he walked at least 95% of the time yesterday, crawling is definitely out!

Kieran charmed a lady called Rosa in the park who was playing catch wit him. He is so expressive, I love the way his whole body comes into play when he's happy and excited (waving arms, big grin, body & legs jiggling). I think Rosa wanted to take him home. I think he said "Ball" as well. Waving bye bye is hs newest thing and it's so cute, especially when he does it with both hands at once.


Tara Marie said...

I hope you took pictures of your trip to the playground! I would love to see both Callum cruising around in such a varried enviroment and I can just picture Kieran so happy and excited.

Sounds like a beautiful day!

Peace, TM

Naomi said...

TM - We didn't take a camera with us this time as we just wanted to enjoy it. Next weekend we'll make sure to have the camera at the ready.

Anonymous said...

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