Friday, August 12, 2005

First dentist visit

Callum had his first dentist visit today and he did wonderfully. All his teeth are in the right positions, no overcrowding, his enamel looks great and best of all no cavities. He cooperated pretty much the whole time and only bit the dentists finger once ;-) He got slightly fed up near the end and kept sitting up, waving and saying "bye" (which means I'm done with this, time to go)!

I did learn something new, I'd read that kids with T21 have less cavities than their "typical" peers. Well I think I now have an explanation why... because of the large tongue to mouth size the tongue brushes against the teeth more and helps to keep them clean, also our kids produce more saliva which helps neutralise acids that cause decay.


Anonymous said...

Oh Naomi, that is just wonderful! I am so dreading EJ's first visit...she has little dagger teeth that just can't be right! Plus, quite the bite on that!

Isn't it interesting that people with Down syndrome have significantly less instances of cavities but are notorious for unfair!

But, anyhoo, how great is it that Callum's first appointment went so well?!!! What a trooper! He handles it WAY better than I do...

Tara Marie said...

Way to go Callum! You were such a big boy at the dentist.

It is interesting about the cavities, but I had read that that statistic came from the generation when people with T21 were mostly institutionalized and not given the opporunity for the tycpial American diet that causes an increase in cavities [sugary, refined foods].

Unfortunately my little peanut has weak enamel on a few teeth [my brother and sister both had missing enamel on some baby teeth] so my hopes are that she is like them and her adult teeth come in with lots of enamel.

and I'm so excited about Callum's walking.....Yippeee!!! You go little man,,,go!!

Peace and love, Tara Marie

Anonymous said...

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