Monday, August 15, 2005

Callum Discovers the Disney Store

Sunday was hot and sunny and as the antibiotic that Kieran is on makes him sun sensitive we decided we needed an indoor play spot, so off to the mall we go.

First stop was the kids play area where kids from ages 0 - 10 years all rush around at full speed, jumping and running and shouting and miraculously nobody seems to get hurt. Both boys had fun, Callum made friends with some bigger boys who would pat his head and say hello every time they did a circuit and Kieran made friends with a baby obsessed toddler.

The dad of the aforementioned baby obsessed toddler approached us as we were all leaving and asked if Callum was a regional center client (which he is), his wife has worked for the regional centre for 10 years and he was just making sure that we knew what was available. Anyway as we are talking another mum says that her daughter is also a regional centre client (cute 7 year old who I'd noticed earlier). We chatted a little and I asked about the local public schools (which I'd always been told were wonderful), from what this mum was saying the schools are still great for typical kids but the SMMUSD lost all it's good special needs teachers a while ago and never got any new ones. Her daughter can't go her local school as they don't have a classroom to fit her needs (her daughter has learning difficulties but they don't know why) so she has to go to a not so great school that can accomodate her. This wasn't what we wanted to hear as one of the main reasons that we've stayed in the area was the great schools. When Callum transitions out of the birth-3 program (in 7 months time - where on earth has the time gone!) then we'll hopefully get some info about the schools and move if necessary.

Okay, onto some more fun stuff....

So we decide to walk around the mall a little and let Callum explore. He's having so much fun looking in the windows and watching all the people. Then he spots the Disney Store and realises that he can actually go into all these fun looking places. With a bit of trepidation we follow him in being prepared for him pulling diaplays over, complaining when we wont let him have something etc. Well we had nothing to worry about; Callum patted Tigger and Dumbo, looked at Barbies (he says they're babies) and Woody dolls from Toy Story. He would stop and sit down to look at something then I'd say it was time to walk again and he'd give me back the toy, say "Bye" to it, wave and then off he'd go again. The cutest bit was when he found a plush Nemo purse/bag, he hooked it into the crook of his elbow and went walking around strutting his stuff. Every time he lost his balance, he'd get back up again, adjust his bag and away he'd go again with a big smile on his face. Even when we'd had enough of browsing Disney he didn't throw a fit just followed us out. Of course once he realised that he could go into all those doorways he wanted to go into every store so he did have a little bit of a temper tantrum but it went away pretty quickly.

We finished the day off by getting frozen yogurt as a treat. After a couple of mouthfuls both boys decide that they'd rather have crackers and water, what have I done to these kids!


BStrong said...

Ah yes, the Disney Store. Every time we walk in there I have to push my kids eyeballs back into their head. They sure do know how to market, we never leave empty handed.

Naomi said...

bstrong - That was the strange thing, Callum wasn't bothered about leaving empty handed in the slightest.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! » »

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! »