Monday, August 08, 2005

Allergic Reaction

Our fun weekend continued as I spent 3 hours at the ER on Sunday afternoon. Kieran was getting grumpy and then started getting red and white splotches all over his face. It quickly spread to the rest of his body and he was scratching like crazy. We gave him Benadryl and put him in a cool bath but it didn't seem to be doing anything and he was getting redder and redder. Off we go to the ER where he promptly falls asleep and by the time we get the seen the reddness has gone down a lot. We're blaming the amoxcillin that he was taking for his strep throat, so at least we got a new prescription out of it. Kieran also had a great time flirting with all the nurses and playing with everything in my handbag.

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Belovedlife said...

We had a similar problem. In january Peanut was diagnosed with pnuemonia, the doc gave her a loading dose of Zythromax ( loading dose is a huge dose so they don't have to take anymore). WE were given the medication, which she had never had before, and sent home within fifteen minutes. By the next morning, only six hours later, Peanut was red from head to toe. Huge huge, bad allergic reaction. we ended up back in the er to get new meds. It took an week to finally clear the drug from her system. Horrible. I am so sorry!