Saturday, July 30, 2005

Where on earth is Bratislava??

That's where my brother is right now with his friend Tom and I don't have a clue where it is. So thanks to the power of the internet I now know that Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia which used to be part of the Czech republic. I'm sure he's enjoying all the cultural sites and drinking lots of cheap beer!

Callum and Kieran are interacting so much more now, they make faces at each other and laugh and laugh and laugh. Kieran is really getting around and get into all Callum's toys. This is prompting Callum to make good use of his latest word "MINE".

One of the lttle girls in Kieran's class at day care is called Ryan, she's a very sweet petite little girl and her and Kieran love to play together. Their latest game envolves lots of laughing and licking each others heads!!

Friday's are good because we don't have to make lunches for day care and the washing up can sit in the bowl until tomorrow. Writing that makes me realise how much kids have changed me, Friday night used to be good because we were getting ready to go out and celebrate the start of the weekend.


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