Thursday, July 28, 2005


Wednesday's have been busy this month. Callum has 3 different therapies, PT with Julie, Infant Stimulation with Annie and then finally Speech with Alan. Callum was not interested in PT at all today, he did enjoy waving and saying hello to everyone though. Speech was great fun though and Callum laughed nearly the whole way through. I love to hear him laugh and it's very infectious.

Mark brought Kieran home from day care in a different set of clothes, Kieran had been a good boy and done his great big pooh at day care, just like we've taught him!

They're both now sitting and watching a Baby Bumblebee vocabulary DVD, just time for a little bit of play, bath and bed.

I also went to my Weight Watchers meeting today and I'm down another 2 lbs. which is good news.