Tuesday, July 26, 2005

PT on Monday

So Callum's been going to Kern & Associates for his phyiscal therapy for about a month now. He's really starting to take off with his walking, although he still crawls when he really wants to get around. The best way to get him walking seems to be by using a big ball, you roll it along just in front of him and away he goes. He's walked up to about 15 steps by himself, but his usual is still somewhere around 5.

He also had fun building with mega blocks and I swear that he said "Green" when Julie handed him the green block. I'm trying to make a concious effort to name colours at the moment just so that he gets more exposure to the words.

He had Julie and her assistant (not sure what her name was) in stitches when he found a pile of pillows and decided to pretend to be asleep, fake very dramatic snoring and all! Julie's actually now talking about what comes next after walking, we've been concentrating on walking for so long that I haven't even really though about what comes next. Apparently the next things are walking up stairs and jumping, so we're giving him another month to perfect his walking and then it's going to be stairs stairs and more stairs.